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We are proud that the ELASTIderm Decolletage System technology can provide patients such significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to the effective treatment of hyperpigmentation.
The problem of hyperpigmentation has been reported since the introduction of zidovudine, the first antiretroviral drug, but has never been well characterized.
ELASTIderm(TM) Decolletage System is the only topical system backed by data from a 24-week clinical study that is designed to treat hyperpigmentation, including age spots and freckles, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
ZO Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System -Designed to treat several medical skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, severe texture damage, sun damage, pre-post procedure skin conditioning, and general skin health restoration.
Its portfolio includes: Remergent HQ, a prescription medication for hyperpigmentation due to photoaging, and Dimericine, the "morning after" topical lotion for prevention of skin cancer.
The Lumixyl line of products is clinically proven to brighten skin and visibly improve the appearance of mild to moderate hyperpigmentation in 8 weeks thanks to the superstar ingredient decapeptide-12, a revolutionary peptide technology developed by Stanford University researchers.
The important skin treatment benefits of preventing and treating chemically-induced skin irritation such as erythema, stinging and burning as well as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation through the inhibition of tyrosinase formation are of particular value for use in anti-aging and skin lightening applications, executives said.
05% strength, emollient base and broad indication for fine facial lines, hyperpigmentation and tactile roughness.
Research aimed at developing safe and effective treatments for disfiguring skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation
Steve Carlson, President and CEO of Obagi Medical Products, said, "Obagi's skin care systems have been highly successful and the Obagi brand is recognized as the market leader in enhancing the health and aesthetic appearance of skin affected by photodamage and hyperpigmentation.
The Lumixyl(TM) Brightening System, a New Physician-grade System Designed to Safely Address the Signs of Hyperpigmentation
introduces the new Lumixyl(TM) Brightening System, a revolutionary multi-faceted approach to effectively treat hyperpigmentation without irritation or other side effects associated with prescription Hydroquinone or retinoids.
the hyperpigmentation specialists who brought you the undereye "Serious Dark Circle" miracle cream, Hylexin(TM).
Two common forms of hyperpigmentation, melasma and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), have a higher incidence in the Hispanic population due to genetic predisposition to the disease.