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abnormal ability to focus of distant objects

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Simple hyperopic astigmatism###16(1.7%)###7(0.7%)###9(0.9%)###0.033*
Peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in hyperopic children.Optom Vis Sci.
This method consists on determining the refractive change generated by the surgery, adjusting it to the corneal apex and then subtracting (in case of eyes operated on for myopia), or adding (in case of hyperopic eyes) that change to the pre-operative corneal power, to obtain post-operative corneal power (4, 5).
Troilo, "Axial eye growth and refractive error development can be modified by exposing the peripheral retina to relative myopic or hyperopic defocus," Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, vol.
We divided these patients into three groups based on their refractive error: high myopic group with 22 eyes (equivalent sphere more than 6.00 D), mild myopic group with 19 eyes (equivalent sphere between 0 and 6.00 D), and hyperopic group with 15 eyes (equivalent sphere more than +0.50 D).
For completeness, Figure 4 shows the distribution of the refractive errors across all eyes of this group #2: 68% of the eyes presented an ORS in the hyperopic range (ORS [greater than or equal to] +0.50 D).
"As the eye globe becomes more flattened, the astronauts become hyperopic, or far-sighted."
Most patients are females, young and less hyperopic than those with pupillary block; often they have a positive family history of angle closure glaucoma.
Pregnancy is a risk factor for central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR), which usually causes a hyperopic shift.
DSEK on the other hand induces no significant changes in corneal topography and therefore the refractive outcomes after triple DSEK are more predictable, although a mild postoperative hyperopic shift may be observed [8].
One eye may be myopic (nearsighted) and the other hyperopic (farsighted), or one eye may be markedly stronger than the other.
Chick eyes compensate for chromatic simulations of hyperopic and myopic defocus: evidence that the eye uses longitudinal chromatic aberration to guide eye-growth.
Subjects were divided into 3 groups based on their postcycloplegic spherical equivalent: myopic (< -1.0 D), emmetropic ([greater than or equal to] -1.0 to [less than or equal to] +1.0 D), and hyperopic (> +1.0 D).
She presented with decreased vision in the right eye to over a period of 6 months with a hyperopic shift from 4.00 D to 6.00 D.