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a person with hyperopia

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In contrast to Brooke's experience as a hyperope, the myope reading through their spectacles experiences base-in prism at near, moving the image further away (see Figure 1).
[1] assessed corneal elevation and pachymetry in hyperopes compared to myopes, where they concluded that when adjusted for age, the PE changes remained statistically significant between hyperopic and myopic patients, but AE changes lost significance.
Among the 60 patients 32 were myopes, 23 patients were hyperopes and 5 were emmetrope.
The study population includes subjects who did not require any visual correction prior to the onset of presbyopia (i.e., emmotropes) as well as myopes and hyperopes.
Some authors have concluded HOAs to be more in ametropia than emmetropic eyes9 while others proposed no relationship or even an opposite relationship between refractive error and HOAs8,12,22 and still others reporting greater higher order aberrations in myopes compared to hyperopes.23
When adjusted for age, myopes had a deeper ACD than both emmetropes and hyperopes who had similar ACD.
(27.) Petetmeiet K, Messias A, Gekeler F, Spitzer MS, Szurman P Outcomes of the Acrysof Resror IOL in myopes, emmettopes, and hyperopes. J Refract Surg.