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Synonyms for hypernymy

the semantic relation of being superordinate or belonging to a higher rank or class

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Interpretation Of Lexical Relations: Hyponymy And Hypernymy, Homonymy, Antonymy, Synonymy
WordNet is a lexical database organized by synonym sets (synsets) and providing a variety of relationships between words such as hypernymy. Hypernyms are parent synsets in the WordNet hierarchy.
(6) Within the Generative Lexicon (Pustejovsky, 1995), the categorizing relationship is one of the "roles" forming the "Qualia structure." Such role defines the position occupied by a word in an ontology ("IS A" relationship), thus is relevant for the concept of hypernymy (see below).
WordNet 2.1 is used in the current computer system to find lexical cohesion including "repetition," "synonyms," "hypernymy," "hyponymy," and "meronymy." It also assists the students to identify the relationships between the lexical cohesive items.
Wikipedia has provided an entire category of many meaningful concepts, which is formed according to hypernymy relationships between concepts.
The most common are Synonymy, Antonymy, Hypernymy, Meronymy etc., and we are interested in using the synonymy relation to find polarity of a word.
Although there are parallels between ontologies and models of scientific knowledge extracted from LSA (Burek, Vargas Vera & Moreale, 2004; Cederberg & Widdows, 2003; Rung Ching, Ya-Ching & Ren-Hao, 2006), only the former has the capacity to extract the meanings of terms based on previously specified relationships such as synonymy, partonymy, hyponymy, hypernymy and meronymy.
vertical relations (as hypernymy, relating generic and specific terms or part-of relations), or syntagmatic, i.e.
Referential devices associated to text deixis in DemNPs ASSOCIATED DEVICE ENGLISH CATALAN n % n % Ellipsis 4 3,6 2 1,0 Repetition 19 17,1 29 14,3 Synonymy 12 10,8 24 11,9 Hypernymy 7 6,3 14 6,9 General noun 55 49,6 108 53,5 Associative anaphora 13 11,7 24 11,9 Deixis am Phantasma 1 0,9 1 0,5 TOTAL 111 100 202 100 Table 6.