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excessive amounts of sodium in the blood

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Hypernatraemia with decreased urine volume and urine specific gravity indicated towards hypovolaemia due to blood loss and treated with fluid resuscitation, but hypernatraemia with increased urine volume with iso-osmolar urine indicated diabetes insipidus and treated with fluid replacement only with close observation.
The patient was subsequently admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) because of inability to correct her electrolyte imbalance, especially the hypernatraemia.
Thus, the initial problems were: (a) acute watery diarrhoea with some dehydration, (b) hypernatraemia (on the basis of history and cardinal clinical signs), (c) pneumonia (according to WHO definition), and (d) lethargy (differentially thought to be due to hypernatraemia itself, and also sepsis).
It would be difficult to suggest recommendations to avoid this specific occurrence as much debate exists on the role of PPI prophylaxis in preventing stress ulceration in postoperative patients, with the reported risks of associated hypernatraemia and C.
With their immature kidneys, young infants fed fresh goat's milk are at substantive risk of hypernatraemia and azotaemia, particularly with dehydration.
Her blood tests, taken 4 hours after ingestion of the NaP preparation, revealed mild hypernatraemia (149mmol) and hyperphosphataemia (6.
Sodium bicarbonate alone usually fails to correct the acidosis, may cause intracellular acidosis and hypernatraemia, and does not remove metformin (2).
The youngster died three days later in hospital of brain damage brought on by hypernatraemia - abnormally high levels of sodium in the blood.
Secondly, diagnosing dehydration simply on the basis of hypernatraemia may be incorrect because hypernatraemia may also be caused by an age-related increase in osmality [8].
convulsions due to HT, hyponatraemia, hypernatraemia, hypocalcaemia or uraemia.
Severely autistic Lindsey was taken to the Ulster Hospital suffering from breathing difficulties, vomiting and diarrhoea on July 29, 2009, before being transferred to the Children's Hospital where she tragically died from hypernatraemia as a result of salt poisoning on August 4.
Knobel, "Fatal hypernatraemia after hypertonic saline irrigation of hepatic hydatid cysts," Pediatric Surgery International, vol.
Infants presenting with severe hypernatraemia characteristically are well nourished and have metabolic acidosis.