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Contrary to the participation of gastric hypermotility in mucosal injury is the observation that non-selective COX inhibition by intragastric indomethacin delayed liquid GE in an animal model and reduced gastric tonus (51).
opioid receptor that is designed to mitigate both abdominal pain due to intestinal hyperalgesia and gastric hypermotility associated with IBS-D, without CNS penetration, added the company.
This is possibly owing to the psychological disorders that in turn lead to a chronic state of amplification of symptoms, which originates either at the level of the CNS (hypervigilance on physical perception) or at the visceral level (hypersensitivity and hypermotility) [2].
Treatment of the fever with 440 mg of naproxen sodium was hindered by lack of absorption due to hypermotility.
Furthermore, as it is beneficial in hypermotility, it might be effective in minimizing stress induced IBS-D.
Thus, as is shown in the previous research reports, trimebutine maleate pharmacological mechanisms mainly reflected in regulating the hypo- and hypermotility of the broad gastrointestinal tract with a dual action depending on the enkephaline receptor subtype [40].
Arnt, "Differential effects of classical and newer antipsychotics on the hypermotility induced by two dose levels of Damphetamine," European Journal of Pharmacology, vol.
Although the exact cause for tubal torsion is not known, many etiologies have been proposed, these includes anatomical abnormalities (long mesosalpinx, tubal abnormalities, haematosalpinx, hydrosalpinx, hydatids of Morgagni), Physiological abnormalities (abnormal peristalsis, hypermotility of tube, tubal spasm and intestinal peristalsis), Haemodynamic abnormalities (venous congestion in the mesosalpinx), Sellheim theory (sudden body position change.), Trauma, previous surgery or disease (tubal ligation or pelvic inflammatory disease.), Gravid uterus.
Several studies evaluated its use to reduce the animal hypermotility, reducing thus the fish stress during handling (CUNHA et al., 2010; INOUE et al., 2011; VIDAL et al., 2008).
Group I included 30 girls who had visceral signs of CTD: asthenic body type or insufficient body weight; increased tissue bleeding; vegetovascular dysfunction; impaired cardiac rhythm and conduction in ECG; scoliosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis, joint hypermotility, tendency to dislocation, sprain ligaments of the joints; susceptibility to allergic reactions and colds, previous tonsillectomy, biliary dyskinesia, impaired evacuation of the gastrointestinal tract.
Toxic cardiac glycosides have been reported to have a direct stimulatory action on the smooth muscles of the intestine and blood vessel walls leading to gastro intestinal tract irritation, hypermotility, diarrhoea, rapid fluid loss and subsequently dehydration [32].
(1999) reported that a shatavari based herbal formulation did not possess oxytocin like activity which might be useful in uterine hypermotility associated early abortion
(48) In fact, the intestinal hypermotility is an important host mechanism of defense against Giardia.
Multiple mechanisms are responsible for drug induced diarrhea such as hypermotility, bacterial overgrowth secondary to hypomotility, disruption of water and electrolyte transport and mucosal damage of the small and large bowel (8, 9).