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Synonyms for astigmatism

(ophthalmology) impaired eyesight resulting usually from irregular conformation of the cornea

(optics) defect in an optical system in which light rays from a single point fail to converge in a single focal point



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The reason for the higher incidence of headache in hypermetropic astigmatism and mixed astigmatism may be that involuntary, sustained excessive accommodative efforts put the eyes under strain.
of cases Percentage Astigmatism 150 42.37 Simple hypermetropic astigmatism 56 37.33 Compound hypermetropic astigmatism 14 9.33 Simple myopic astigmatism 50 33.33 Compound myopic astigmatism 22 14.66 Mixed astigmatism 8 5.33 Hypermetropia 76 21.46 Presbyopia 60 16.94 Myopia 44 12.42 Mixed 24 6.77 Table 7: Amount of diaptoric power in various type of astigmatism in headache (n = 150) Type of Astigmatism Astigmatism Astigmatism astigmatism (A) up to 1 D 1.25-2 D >2 D No.
Results: Out of 300 adults, 43.33% adults were found to have myopia, 30% had myopic astigmatism, 15% had hypermetropia, 5% had hypermetropic astigmatism, and 6.67% had mixed astigmatism.
Conclusion: The frequency of myopia is approximately three times that of hypermetropia, myopic astigmatism is five times that of hypermetropic astigmatism, while mixed astigmatism is present in only 6.67% of young adults.
In our study out of 151 patients, 51.99% of the patients were emmetropic, 22.51% hypermetropic, 5.29% hypermetropic astigmatism, 6% myopia, 5% myopic astigmatism.