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abnormal ability to focus of distant objects

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In terms of refractive status distribution, 10.2% of the patients were myopic, 18.4% were emmetropic, and 71.4% were hypermetropic. Hypermetropia was significantly more common than the other groups (p<0.01).
All the thickness values were found to be thinner in the myopic eyes than in the hypermetropic and emmetropic eyes for all, excluding the LT sub-quadrant.
In contrast, in the similar population of the study conducted in 1973 only 0.4% of the myopic patients, 2.4%, of the hypermetropic patients, and 0.73%, of patients with astigmatism, had previous ophthalmological examinations, which allows to infer the coverage status of that time and compare it with the current data.
32 patients of 300 patients were hypermetropic astigmatic individuals with average corneal thickness of 532 micrometres, SD (30).
The reason for the higher incidence of headache in hypermetropic astigmatism and mixed astigmatism may be that involuntary, sustained excessive accommodative efforts put the eyes under strain.
"We know very little about emmetropic eyes even though they should be used for comparisons with myopic and hypermetropic eyes," said Juan Alberto Sanchis-Gimeno, researcher at the University of Valencia and lead author of the study explains to SINC.
He's less than chuffed that the press have started describing him as a veteran, but the rest of it is water off a duck's back' the lot in life of an unusually tall, hypermetropic, 34-year-old jump jockey with a necessary disregard for the style of the age.
Moreover, in that there is a view of the Islanders as `extremely close observer[s] of nature' (Rivers 1901, 44) and results from tests that show them to be hypermetropic, and to step in line with Lord Rayleigh's standpoint in the literature, Rivers contended that minute distinctions of this sort are only possible if the attention is predominantly devoted to object of sense, and I think there can be little doubt that such exclusive attention is a distinct hindrance to higher mental development.
(7,8,9,10,11) Philiphs (8) have claimed that esotropia arises in cases of hypermetropic anisometropia over 4 D and emphasized that anisometropia and esotropia can co-occur.
Second, all the participants in this study were young myopic individuals, and it is unclear whether similar results could be observed in elderly group and emmetropic or hypermetropic groups.
Mean RNFL thickness, as well as RNFL thicknesses of each quadrant was also significantly different between hypermetropic, emmetropic and myopic eyes (p-value<0.001).
Of the 105 children, with RE in the urban area, 8.66% had myopia, 1% had hypermetropia, 3.5% had simple myopic astigmatism, 0.06% had simple hypermetropic astigmatism, 3.03% had compound myopic astigmatism, and 0.33% had compound hypermetropic astigmatism.
In our study out of 151 patients, 51.99% of the patients were emmetropic, 22.51% hypermetropic, 5.29% hypermetropic astigmatism, 6% myopia, 5% myopic astigmatism.
Hypermetropic errors of RAE patients were reported in many studies.
According to J&J, the benefits of the range for practitioners include simple lens selection, whether patients are myopic, hypermetropic or astigmatic, as well as a 93% first-fit success.