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a person with hyperopia

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For myopes or low hypermetropes, it is best to choose the CD in the dominant eye and CN in the other, whilst for hypermetropes over +0.
60 patients of 300 patients were hypermetropes with average corneal thickness of 545 micrometres with SD (34).
It is thought that the decrease in contrast sensitivity as refraction moves toward hypermetropia may explain why hypermetropes are more prone to amblyopia than myopes.
The mean axial length of myopes was significantly higher than emmetropes and hypermetropes (P < 0.
No Status Number of dry eye (%) 1 Hypermetropes 55 (48.
In our study, we found that HOAs were lower in myopes when compared to hypermetropes (Table- II).
Monovision laser treatments can be considered for presbyopic myopes and low hypermetropes, where the non-dominant eye is deliberately under-corrected.
It has been shown that hypermetropes exhibit more dramatic changes in anterior segment parameters after cataract surgery.
5% to explain this correlation, which is better when compared to the analysis between the reading in myopes and hypermetropes.
1%) of the population constituted hypermetropes, who had a mean AL of 19.
7 PD measured in primary position with Lenstar LS 900 was significantly smaller in hypermetropes of the PEX group (3.