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Hyperlipidemia, hyperlipaemia and hepatic lipidosis in American miniature horses: 23 cases (1990-1994).
Plasma lipids, lipoproteins and post-heparin lipases in ponies with hyperlipaemia.
Metabolic effects of dehydroepiandrosterone and atromid in patients with hyperlipaemia.
Subjects were excluded if they showed evidence of CVD or had a family history of CVD, hypertension, renal disease, hyperlipaemia, haematological disorders, diabetes or excessive alcohol intake, or took medications or nutrient supplements.
Serious reactions observed with TORISEL are hypersensitivity/infusion reactions (including some life-threatening and rare fatal reactions), hyperglycaemia/glucose intolerance, infections, interstitial lung disease (pneumonitis), hyperlipaemia, intracerebral bleeding, renal failure, bowel perforation, and wound healing complication.