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a link from a hypertext file to another location or file

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One of the most basic elements of the Internet, hyperlinks allow the viewer to move easily from one site to another, or from one part of an electronic document to another.
For example, level 1 and level 2 could be tabs at the top navigation bar, and level 3 could be hyperlinks provided on the main content page.
People are fascinated by the buttons and hyperlinks on media sites such as Yahoo
Then, the teacher provides a set of strict rules for blogging (frequency, length of posts, number of hyperlinks, staying on topic).
Last week, BT opened a court case in a US federal court in White Plains, New York, where it seeks to protect a patent that it says it holds over hyperlinks.
BT is claiming its patented "Hidden Page" technology is identical to hyperlinks while Bemer says it was actually his coding that formed the basis of hyperlinks.
To avoid the possibility of a court finding that a hyperlink on your site constitutes an endorsement, when you enter into a hyperlink licensing agreement, insist that the company identified in the hyperlink indemnify you for any legal action brought against you based on its actions.
Using hyperlinks, which are hot links to other areas of the Internet, users of the B.
MIVA InLine works by crawling content in web pages and adding hyperlinks to specific keywords within the content.
This is especially so, as the reader may or may not follow the hyperlinks provided .
While on occasion I'd like to be able to make some addresses and URLs hyperlinks so I can easily access them, I alone want to make that decision; I don't want Word to second-guess me.
BT is going ahead with a damages claim over hyperlinks, the basic way of navigating the web, which it claims it invented.
His plan is to eventually attract corporate and organization sponsors and to provide hyperlinks to their own sites for further information.