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increased blood in an organ or other body part


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Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the acute effects of HIIE in hypoxia on heart rate, stroke volume, and cardiac output during exercise as well as measuring resting cutaneous blood flow and post occlusive reactive hyperemia at pre- and post-exercise in youth soccer players.
Signs and symptoms in the active phase include proptosis, lid hyperemia, periorbital edema, conjunctival hyperemia (particularly near the extraocular muscles), chemosis, caruncular edema, diplopia, corneal ulceration, and rarely vision loss due to optic nerve compression.
The following light microscopic criteria for each individual were evaluated for small intestinal cross- sections: Disintegration and discontinuity in epithelial areas and villi epithelium, irregularity, enlargement, compression and edema in the villi, decrease in the number of crypts, hyperemia and eudema in submucosae, and mononuclear cellular infiltration.
A Parana/Southern February 1 2 Brazil 2 1 B Parana/Southern February 3 2 Brazil 4 1 C Mato Grosso do March 5 3 Sul/Midwest Brazil D Santa Catarina/ March 6 2 Southern Brazil E Santa Catarina/ July 7 2 Southern Brazil 8 2 9 4 10 5 Farm Principal clinical manifestations A Weakness at birth, sudden death at 1-3 d of age B Weakness at birth, sudden death at 1-3 d of age C Cutaneous hyperemia, diarrhea, excessive salivation, lethargy, death D Acute diarrhea and/or wasting, death E Diarrhea, neurologic manifestations, sudden death
The common complications of traumatic proptosis observed were corneal ulceration, strabismus, hyphema, chemosis, hyperemia, third eyelid prolapse and facial bone and fractures (Brando et al.
Hyperemia and edema regressed after a 2-h observation period.
Rarely, maculopapular rash may be observed and hyperemia in the conjunctivae and photosensitivity may be present.
Potential adverse effects of eyelash extensions include ocular hyperemia, keratoconjunctivitis, allergic blepharitis, and allergic contact dermatitis in the patient.
7) Post contrast CT or MR shows thickening and hyperemia of the skin and infiltration of subcutaneous tissues (Figure 5).
Moreover, when the basal ganglia were further exposed to highly elevated uremic or metabolic toxins, the regional cellular metabolism may have been disturbed, or functional disturbance in smooth muscle cells of vessels of the basal ganglia may have been induced, which will ultimately lead to vasodilatation and focal hyperemia [6].
Local hyperemia to heating is impaired in secondary Raynaud's phenomenon," Arthritis Research & Therapy, vol.
These signs are associated with bulbar or perilimbal conjunctival pigmentation, bulbar hyperemia and corneal changes like superficial punctate keratopathy, corneal erosions and scarring.