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This kind of artificial myth that Jelinek then produces hyperbolises, overacts and perverts the ideological myth and reveals what Roland Barthes calls its 'naivety.' (9)
Nietzsche reaffirms the political strength of 'virtue,' even (or particularly) when he perverts and hyperbolises the inherited concepts of 'friend' and 'enemy.' This virile autarchy, which lies at the heart of every conception (and perversion) of virtuous friendship in this philosophical tradition, is nonetheless shot through with traces of a more originary passivity: an 'immemorial' and 'minimal' friendship that always already structures the very possibility of assuming the responsibility to speak, to decide or to act--what Derrida refers to as 'the other's decision in me' (1988: 634-5).
hyperbolises, on the one hand, the economy of the socialization process
In my view, it is this feminist prominence that the Danish critic hyperbolises in her article, where you can find sentences like the one that follows, referring to a biography of Woolf composed by a male author: "Hansen's piece, however limited, is the first autobiographical response to Woolf that I have traced, and it is perhaps surprising that it should be written by a man" (180; my emphasis).
It's always wise to be a little bit suspicious when the white music media hyperbolises to its white readership about the musical and social importance of black artists who are practically unknown in their own 'communities'.