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more active than normal


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Both of which are dangerous situations in a hyperactively litigious environment.
The buck hyperactively licks his lips, dips his head and makes his way toward the doe.
Underwater, the fish that make their living picking plankton are hyperactively at work--the day shift toiling alongside the night shift, as lobsters, cuttlefish, and flashlightfish forgo sleep to feast.
As the sun rose--gradually at first, and then extremely quickly--a veritable fireworks display of natural light occurred, a hyperactively shifting melange of rainbow colours.
For example, in a fetus or infant, a subtle change in the path of development can lead to an immune system that can't resist common bacteria or that responds hyperactively, as in the case of asthma.
In the meantime, I Am Charlotte Simmons is a hyperactively satisfying book, with more packed into it than five regular novels.
Psycho-Delia begins with an army of office workers identically uniformed in bug-eyed dark glasses, stiff-slicked hair, and beige waterproofs, hyperactively rehearsing their rituals of commute and work.
This has never been a Figaro for the purist, with all its hyperactively choreographed stage movement, but Opera Atelier continues to employ singers who move nimbly while singing musically, including, on this occasion, Monica Whicher (Countess Almaviva), Curtis Sullivan (Count Almaviva), Nathalie Paulin (Susanna), Dan Belcher (Figaro) and Jennie Such (Cherubino).
Star of the show was the percussionist, whose straggly hair made him look like a Biblical character, and who hyperactively ground out a relentless beat.