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more active than normal


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With Hyperactive, we gain a highly respected service provider with a very loyal customer base.
We hypothesize that hyperactive RNAi in mouse oocytes functionally complements the piRNA pathway, a Dicer-independent pathway suppressing retrotransposons in the germline.
Sher and her colleagues conducted a retrospective study of charts for patients with episodes of hyperactive delirium who were treated with adjunct valproic acid by a consulting or liaison psychiatrist on the psychosomatic medicine service at their center from Aug.
After such tests determine that a dog is hyperactive, a veterinarian can prescribe an appropriate medication to make living with him easier, and the dog more comfortable as well.
It makes me hyperactive," she told the Hull Daily Mail.
PARENTS have been warned to look out for additives in imported foods that can cause children to become hyperactive.
Being hyperactive does not mean that he/she is a brat.
Helping Hyperactive Kids: A Sensory Integration Approach
A study funded by Britain's Food Standards Agency has reported what many parents have long suspected: artificial food colorings and preservatives can make kids hyperactive.
A study of 50 hyperactive children aged four to 13 years found that, compared to normals, their average plasma, erythrocyte, urine, and hair calcium levels were lower, with hair showing the greatest deficit.
Helping Hyperactive Kids--A Sensory Integration Approach Techniques and Tips for Parents and Professionals By Lynn J.
PARENTS were warned today of the dangers of artificial additives in drinks, sweets and processed foods after new evidence emerged about a link to hyperactive behaviour in children.
In Phil Keisling's review of Aviel Rubin's Brave New Ballot ("Election Fraud, American Style," December 2006), Keisling accuses Rubin of feeding "a hyperactive (and bipartisan) obsession with the perfect election system .
Tony Little, Tampa FL, has launched Hyperactive Extreme Energy Drink.
takes on the medical profession in general, and psychiatry in particular, to debunk commonly promoted beliefs about the diagnosis and treatment of children deemed to be hyperactive.