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excessive acidity

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Other causes of hoarseness include allergies, hyperacidity and reflux, swellings on the vocal cord (nodules, polyps or cysts), injury of the vocal cords, smoking or inhaling other irritants, thyroid problems, nerve problems or throat cancer.
The researchers concluded that cats with CKD may not have gastric hyperacidity, compared to healthy cats, and may not need acid suppression.
Also, in this study it has been found that around 56% students felt change in oral environment or felt ill effects like belching or hyperacidity after consuming soft drinks.
Aspirin produced gastric hyperacidity as evidenced by increased acid content of gastric juice and decreased pH of gastric juice.
Conclusion: The extract of Ammi visnaga can be used effectively and safely in the treatment of hyperacidity conditions and peptic ulcer after evaluation in humans.
Functional studies regarding the relationship between BA histamine concentration and hyperacidity during metabolic studies has been reported in non ruminants as well as in ruminants.
According to experts, people are resorting to homeopathy to treat allergies and diseases like hyperacidity.
As it is known from the literature, the damages of the gastric mucosa after the pylorus ligation are vast areas of haemorrhage and tissues necrosis the basis of which is the combination of the two mechanisms: perfusion insufficiency in the gastric mucosa due to the excessive stretching of the stomach parries, and drop of pH due to the hyperacidity of the "stagnant" gastric acid and lack of evacuation of the accumulating content [8].
Gastric probA[degrees] lems, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, bloating and hyperacidity can occur over a period of time.
Various factors have been implicated, such as hyperacidity, long afferent loop, jejunal spasm with abnormal motility, increased intra-abdominal pressure, retrograde peristalsis, etc.
A rather bad food poisoning episode followed by hyperacidity was enough to deflate me for good.
Table 5 shows the cost of drugs for a standard regimen for the treatment of three common illnesses, such as hyperacidity (including peptic ulcer), amoebic dysentery, and acute respiratory tract infection (including pneumonia).