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Synonyms for hype

Synonyms for hype

a systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

to increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Synonyms for hype

blatant or sensational promotion

publicize in an exaggerated and often misleading manner

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Fenn and Mark Raskino, vice president and Gartner Fellow, and co-author of the book, call the repeated pattern of over inflated expectations, subsequent disillusionment, and eventual assimilation the "hype cycle" (examples of the hype cycle graphic are included here).
You hear good news about a test drive, then bad news, then good, and then there's an accident, it gets a lot of publicity and then the hype dies down.
The Hype app feels more like a platform for intricate productions, rather than a spur of the moment live stream.
When the teaser trailer of The Force Awakens was screened in cinemas and theaters across the globe on November 2014 taking advantage of the holiday hype effect, it instantly gained popularity.
My competition pitch was based on taking Creative Hype products into US markets--so the prize will be applied towards the costs associated with the implementation of this.
Ashok Kumar, the CEO of Indian High School is an ardent cricket fan and is of the opinion that the media has created a hype around Tendulkar.
According to both the Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Process Management, 2013 and the Hype Cycle for Governance, Risk and Compliance Technologies 2013 reports, "Operational intelligence platforms operationalize objectives such as reducing customer churn, expanding sales and reducing the cost of manufacturing or delivery.
The Gartner Hype Cycle "was originally adopted for technology innovation and companies, but it really is equally applicable for green technology," says Josh Green, general partner of Menlo Park, Calif--based Mohr Davidow ventures.
Hype is an adaptable creature, though; technology is not its only habitat.
Look, you have no control over the hype in Dublin," he said.
Gartner's 2011 Hype Cycle Special Report provides strategists and planners with an assessment of the maturity, business benefit and future direction of over 1,900 technologies, grouped into 76 distinct Hype Cycles, the research firm said.
10 -- Activity streams, wireless power, Internet TV, NFC payment and private cloud computing are some of the technologies that have moved into the Peak of Inflated Expectations, according to the 2011 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle by Gartner, Inc.
Regarding the media hype over the suspicious packages which were seized on their way to the U.
the ability to understand the health of a dynamic virtual server environment based on behavior patterns and not static thresholds), according to the new Gartner Hype Cycle for IT Operations Management, 2010.
As well as the new homes being built at Hardwick, the area has also benefitted from a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), which HYPE hopes to utilise to help get more local youngsters involved in exercise and recreation.