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a U-shaped bone at the base of the tongue that supports the tongue muscles

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Pseudoaneurysm of the common carotid artery due to ongoing trauma from the hyoid bone.
The same investigator determined the distance of CB to the mandibular angle and body of hyoid bone on both sides (Fig.
8] We found only few cases of fracture of hyoid bone alone (4.
The sublingual space (SLS), referred to as the floor of mouth, is the space located below the tongue and confined by the mylohyoid muscle and hyoid bone (Figure 15A).
The anterior belly of the digastric directs the hyoid bone up and forward and of the geniohyoid muscle also acts on the rise and the hyoid anteriorly swallowing [35].
The internal branch passes immediately inferior to the greater horn of the hyoid bone and approaches the thyrohyoid membrane accompanied by the superior laryngeal artery, a branch of the superior thyroid artery.
3,4) Primarily, TDC develops at the midline around the hyoid bone, but it might occur at any point across the thyroglossal duct.
In cases when there are remaining parts of the duct, the development of the hyoid bone can affect the final position of the duct or its residuals.
Yet during the examination of a suspected strangulation, the CR system was not able to determine a fractured hyoid bone in the neck.
b) The main bony structure in the airway is the hyoid bone.
After giving horizontal neck incision at the level of tracheostomy tube, subplatysmal skin flaps were raised superiorly to the level of hyoid bone and inferiorly upto suprasternal notch.
Caption: In nine species of howler monkey, researchers found an inverse relationship between testes size and size of the hyoid bone, part of the vocal tract.
On the other hand, mandibular setback as treatment for Class III can reduce the PAS, given that the ligaments and muscles of the tongue are connected to the hyoid bone and the mandible.
Where the images of mandible, hyoid bone and laryngeal cartilages cause hindrance in detection of fish bone.