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the act of singing psalms or hymns


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Professor Watson, Emeritus Professor in the Department of English Studies at Durham University, said: "This is the Everest of hymnology and one of the most sensational aspects of this is that we've done it and survived.
Hsieh, a musicologist and librarian at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, has done extensive research in key NorthAmerican archives related to Chinese Protestantism but also has obviously obtained other materials and information from a wide range of circles within "cultural China." Believing that studies in hymnology can offer an aesthetic gauge for levels of indigenization and spiritual maturity, she assesses these matters within hymnals produced not only in Mainland China but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places in Asia where overseas Chinese live and worship.
John Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology, published in 1892.
Seminary: www.sbts.edu; hymnology and music history
At Marburg University Vilmar lectured on homiletics, hymnology, and the Reformation.
(3) The Wesleyans and the United Methodists each had a separate book, and so did the Primitive Methodists (whose 1854 book was described by Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology as 'the worst edited and most severely mutilated collection of hymns ever published').
Other essays draw on women's advice literature, hymnology, art, and even obituaries to challenge easy assumptions about a statically conservative Christian influence.
Presidential speeches are even misusing both scripture and hymnology by changing their meaning for the purposes of American power.
Their work achieved lasting popularity and greatly influenced English hymnology. The first edition of Olney Hymns contained 280 pieces by Newton and 68 by Cowper.
Largely imitating Taine's literary-historical methods, Stedman displays an exhaustive knowledge of almost every imaginable gradation of poetic production--from developments in hymnology and dialect poetry to Chartist writings and vers de societe.
Latterly, she is becoming increasingly well-known to students of hymnology and spirituality outside Wales.
If this is what, in practice, 'intertextuality' means, may it be a justified excuse to bring Fouque back, and with him Paul Gerhardt and a livelier awareness of the pervasive presence in modern German literature of the distinctive tradition of Christian devotional literature and hymnology to which Martin points in a passage of truly admirable critical precision on pp.
Sing With Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Hymnology. Nashville: Broadman, 1980.
Paul's Presbyterian Church to develop a youth choir and introduce the congregation to contemporary hymnology. She is also the author of articles on liturgy and music as well as of resources for worship featuring women of the Bible.
In these days when the clamour of feminism has been so strident, with the catchwords |justice' and |equality', things of the essence of democracy, there persists within Christian liturgy and hymnology a remarkable survival of the language and symbols of absolute monarchy, in itself the ultimate in paternalism.