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the act of singing psalms or hymns


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His interest in hymnody was an old one, though he did not share this interest with the public until the mid 1970s when the BBC launched his series of twenty-eight radio broadcasts called Sweet Songs of Zion.
The result is an eclectic collection of essays that explores topics as diverse as the changing repertory of the Anglican choral anthem, the role of British hymnody in the colonization of Madagascar, and the impact of Darwinian thought on nineteenth-century theories about music's spiritual basis.
Certainly some of the hymnody that we have from the early church helps us in this regard.
85) In any case, martyrology and hymnody walked hand-in-hand in sixteenth-and early seventeenth-century Anabaptism, even as the actual production of martyr songs rapidly tailed off in the seventeenth century.
Dr Hornby said: " "Hymn-writing doesn't stand still so the dictionary will endeavour to represent the best of new hymnody as well as incorporating new discoveries relating to older subjects.
Formed two years ago by former Episcopalians, attendees at Newman Fellowship celebrate weekly communion, recite ancient liturgy, draw on the rich treasury of hymnody ranging from ancient to modern times, and sing Psalms to the plainsong tones and to Anglican chant.
He is also the author of several books on Lutheran music and hymnody.
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story: A History of Baptist Hymnody in North America provides a fine history of Baptist hymnody, starting with a review of the British roots and following its evolution in America from New World origins to modern day.
7 Will Sing the Wondrous Story ": A History of Baptist Hymnody in North America.
Cousland, 1948, "The Significance of Isaac Watts in the Development of Hymnody," Church History 17(4), pp.
I looked around for the other sign directing me to the hymnody conference.
With the exception of the Shaker tune "Simple Gifts," this vast repertoire of early-American folk hymnody is generally unknown to audiences.
26) William Reynolds, A Survey of Christian Hymnody (New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1963), 248.
The missionaries had run a services-for rations economy that was cashless while mission-literacy in English was the literacy of certain elect Arrernte pastors who were versed in restricted codes hymnody and the English of evangelism.
He is considered to be "The Father of English Hymnody.