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the act of singing psalms or hymns


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Richardson, Singing Baptists: Studies in Baptist Hymnody in America (Nashville: Church Street Press, 1994), 97-101.
It is true that the Psalter-Spiel, while itself strongly influenced by its Pietist model, in turn left its imprint on the hymnody of the Inspirationists' early contemporaries and rivals in Europe, the Schwarzenau Taufer or Neutaufer, today known as the Church of the Brethren and its several related denominations.
In other ways, however, the book is strongly coherent--not merely in its six essays devoted to different aspects of British hymnody, but also in its exploration of the myriad ways that music and religion interact.
The critical edition of the Visigothic and Mozarabic hymnody available to date was Clemens Blume's Hymnodia Gotica.
We play emotions of sorrow for all they are worth, both in the readings, and in the hymnody and the preaching.
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story: A History of Baptist Hymnody in North America provides a fine history of Baptist hymnody, starting with a review of the British roots and following its evolution in America from New World origins to modern day.
If "Brothers, we are treading" works as well in hymnody as "Christians," etc.
I looked around for the other sign directing me to the hymnody conference.
In Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Zurich, or Wesel, there is evidence of metrical psalmody and other singing, some of it drawing upon Lutheran hymnody.
The missionaries had run a services-for rations economy that was cashless while mission-literacy in English was the literacy of certain elect Arrernte pastors who were versed in restricted codes hymnody and the English of evangelism.
He is considered to be "The Father of English Hymnody.
Lombard implies that the ode chretienne was short-lived: one might suggest that Marot's metrical psalms gave the impetus for a lengthy continuation in hymnody, albeit primarily in the anglophone tradition.
After 17th century Calvinist attacks on hymnody and efforts to destroy church organs throughout England, Watts, according to Dickinson, was responsible, in part, for revealing "the power that lies in popular song" (370-372).
He is currently at work on a study of American hymnody.
Christians living in a racist world need to acknowledge this scriptural pattern and be aware of the harm it has caused, the ways it has been exaggerated and distorted in Christian theology and hymnody to say that white is good and black is bad.