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Synonyms for hymnody

the act of singing psalms or hymns


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31) The Olney Hymns was a collection of evangelical hymns published in 1779 by the poets and hymnodists William Cowper (1731-1800) and John Newton (1725-1807).
Yet, as one of Perelandra's five hymnodists tells us, "The Great Dance does not wait to be perfect until the peoples of the Low Worlds are gathered into it.
But our new breed of hymnodists has already produced much good stuff - if only our parishes will use it - and it should not surprise if more of the same is created.
Temperley and Banfield skillfully negotiate these hurdles, and their editorship affords readers a comprehensive view of the Wesleys: leaders of a religious counterculture (including one possible sacrilegist), hymnodists, prodigies, and not least of all figures now slightly more conspicuous in the historiographic landscape.
Instead of innovating with meter and form, he preferred to cast his poems in molds successfully employed by Victorian poets and hymnodists.