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a songbook containing a collection of hymns

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The Racial Prejudice of Our Hymnary," The United Church Observer, 1 June 1944, 13.
in the hymn to St Vincent (178) one could include a number of eleventh-century manuscripts in use at Narni (Umbria) and Benevento (11); in the poem dedicated to the day of St Cecilia (98), a copy of the hymnary of Farfa (12); in that to John the Baptist (137), a number of late tenth- and early eleventh-century copies of the hymnaries of Farfa and Benevento, and, in the eleventh century, that of Saint-Pierre of Moissac (13); the hymn for the day of the decollation of John the Baptist (138) was also used at Saint-Pierre of Moissac (14).
Hymnary is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and this arrangement helps fund the project and keeps it free for users.
the committee rigorously guarded the hymnal against the introduction of renditions of Norwegian, Swedish or Danish hymns as found in The Lutheran Hymnary, persistently ignoring these translations.
The hymnary borrows from the Anglican tradition with short sung responses suitable for interspersing in services.
The close association with the United Church of Canada included the 1936 adoption of The Hymnary for the Use in Canadian Baptist Churches that was literally a copy of The Hymnary of the United Church.
A report by the Kirk's Hymnary Committee, set up to select new material for an up-dated hymn book, claimed traditional language used in psalms needs to be radically revamped.
Anyone interested in finding out about how to use the digital hymnary please contact Lesley 07968 329764 or Douglas.
AS predicted, not a peep from the SPL despite the Old Firm blowing the dust off the 17th century hymnary at last weekend's match.
The Moratas' more obvious interpolations are exemplified in an opening from the hymnary section of the Matins psalter, MS Cantoral 4.
a) and (b) the Presbyterian Book of Praise and the United Church Hymnary
Sing peace, sing gift of peace: the comprehensive hymnary of Jaroslav J.
Not so long ago, one might have entered Presbyterian churches in many parts of the world and found the familiar Revised Church Hymnary in the pew.