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On the international front, VASSA was invited to be the southern African chapter of the International Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (ISCVS) in 1993 after extensive lobbying by Hymie Gaylis and Lewis Levien over many years.
Associate director Hymie Dweck is assisting the team in the outer boroughs.
Loving sister of the late Hymie, Leo, Sam and Marcus Hochman.
At dawn, his agent Hymie showed up, circles drooping under his red eyes.
For example, reading the charges listed in the indictment in Criminal Case 14678 involving Hymie Weiss "the defendants did possess the said certain quantity of intoxicating liquor.
With: Hymie Abramowitz, Tosha Abramowitz, Aron Adelman, Basic Adelman, Olga Bowman, Eugenia Boyman, Tobias Buchman, Carl Potok, Cesia Popk, Lola Wenglin.
standing was Hymie Katz, who, among other odd jobs, ran nightclubs, and who took a certain pride in bouncing his unreasonable guests "in a nice way.
Elize ons honneursklas kom toespreek oor Onse Hymie.
Por ultimo, el articulo de Hymie Rubesntein realiza un recorrido historico por la relacion entre zonas cultivadas, o jardines, zonas de montes, (bush, garden, mountain), sean naturales o de vegetacion secundaria y zonas montanosas en las islas de San Vicente y las Granadinas desde los primeros asentamientos europeos, de origen frances, en 1719.
There were four Sheinin brothers--Sam, Cecil, Hymie, and Leo, the oldest.
Enjoying their new recordings around town are Poncho Sanchez (Raise Your Hand), Jazz On the Latin Side All Stars (Tambolero), Candi Sosa & Hymie Lemak (Hablame), Somos Son (Afrodite), Spellbound (Poolside Fiesta), and Bobby Mates (Gratitude).
After Sam landed in Omaha he couldn't wait to tell his brothers Israel (Izzy), Hymie and Jackie, and was equally eager to contact equipment suppliers who might want in on his idea of running whole automobiles through a hammermill.
1999: University of Manitoba Professor of Anthropology, Hymie Rubenstein, is excoriated by fellow academics and "gay" students, when he lists 18 myths perpetrated by "gay" and lesbian activists.
But it would never have been written if it hadn't been for Hymie Gouldman.
He was from my boyhood and my youth, and several of my high school friends had ended up selling storm windows and cars and ketchup, One of my college friends, Hymie Millstone, had wanted desperately to go to medical school.