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While some sever ties with Trumbo, low-budget film-makers Frank (John Goodman) and Hymie King (Stephen Root) employ the writer to polish their B-movies.
While the active membership base has continued to be modest, the society has had many noteworthy achievements under the leadership of notable SA vascular surgeons--the early presidents of the society were Kerneels Nel (1983-1985), John Robbs (1986-1990), Hymie Gaylis (1991-1992), Ed Immelman (1993-1994) and Lewis Levien (1995-1998).
At the age of six Mannie set sail from Hamburg with his mother, his older brother Morris, and Hymie aged one.
Loving sister of the late Hymie, Leo, Sam and Marcus Hochman.
At dawn, his agent Hymie showed up, circles drooping under his red eyes.
We heard it in Jesse Jackson's "HYMIE town" remark years ago during his presidential campaign.
Earl "Hymie" Weiss was shot and killed in front of Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral as a prohibition court case pended against him.
Not far from his home in Merion Station is Hymie's Merion Deli, 342 Montgomery Avenue, where Potok regularly stopped for coffee and bagels.
With: Hymie Abramowitz, Tosha Abramowitz, Aron Adelman, Basic Adelman, Olga Bowman, Eugenia Boyman, Tobias Buchman, Carl Potok, Cesia Popk, Lola Wenglin.
All your lovely garments, your lovely fabrics!" "Shush, Hymie! It's tomorrow." Clement would have loved the film Save The Tiger, which is about a proposed insurance scam within the fashion industry and features one of Jack Lemmon's finest performances.
One member in good (bad?) standing was Hymie Katz, who, among other odd jobs, ran nightclubs, and who took a certain pride in bouncing his unreasonable guests "in a nice way." About the common practice of plopping Mickey Finns into the drinks of cantankerous customers, he told Liebling, "Any fool can go into a drugstore for a dollar and buy a box of Mickeys.
Elize ons honneursklas kom toespreek oor Onse Hymie. Dit was, soos gewoonlik, 'n insigryke lesing, en haar besonderse vriendskap met Leroux het ook duidelik na vore gekom.
There were four Sheinin brothers--Sam, Cecil, Hymie, and Leo, the oldest.