hydroxyl ion

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the anion OH having one oxygen and one hydrogen atom

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(9,13) The decrease in pH on the root surface can be explained because the diffusion of hydroxyl ions along the dentinal tubules was probably slowed by the buffering capacity of dentin.
Properties such as water sorption, solubility, and release of hydroxyl ions (pH) are related to the ability to maintain an alkaline state, which is necessary to regulate odontoblast mineralization [9], and impact resistance is detrimental to mechanical strength under compressive forces during tooth function [2, 10].
Based on the mass density of hydroxyl ions [[rho].sup.1](t) after the carbonation ([t.sub.0] = 0) and after the realkalization lasting for [t.sub.1] = 14 days, [t.sub.2] = 28 days, and based on the concrete volume limited by the unit area A = 1 [m.sup.2] and the layer thickness c, the hydroxyl ion mass increases were calculated
Recognizing that hydroxyl ion forms at the cathode of an aqueous electrolytic cell and that it freely acts to increase carbonate activity and cathodic scaling, a mechanism troublesome in one venue seemed to point to a means of capturing calcium potentially of value in other venues.
Supporting the use of certain herbal products in inflammatory bowel disease is the observation that chronic gut inflammation is associated with enhanced production of reactive metabolites of oxygen and nitrogen, with the predominant metabolites in ulcerative colitis being hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl ion, and superoxide (Gastroenterology 1992; 103:186-96).
The characteristic functional groups corresponding vibration of phosphate ion, hydroxyl ion, adsorbed water and carbonated ions were observed for HA powder (Fig 3).
In stoichiometric formulas, based on XRD and chemical analysis, it has been reported that a little amount of hydroxyl ion is present in the lingulate brachiopod shells from Obolus-phosphorites (e.g.
From the standpoint of balance, then, phosphate is not the ideal system to defend body pH, especially in response to an alkali (hydroxyl ion) load.
The other important property of the fluoride ion is that it is about the same size as an hydroxyl ion. It can therefore replace a surface hydroxyl so that its adsorption plane is very close to the surface.
Conversely in an alkali some molecules are 'deprotonated' to yield the hydroxyl ion O[H.sup.-].
F-can replace hydroxyl ion in the apatite crystal structure.
The researchers who made the surface observations caution that their observations cannot clearly distinguish between water and the hydroxyl ion. which can serve as a marker for water.
The actual pH of soil with a base saturation below 100 percent depends on the balance between hydroxyl ion production by base hydrolysis, reaction (e) and hydrogen ion production by hydrogen exchange, reaction
It has been investigated that chloride ions are being replaced by hydroxyl ion in HA crystals because the size of both the ions correspond to each other (rCl- =181pm and rOH- = 151pm).
Hydroxyl ion concentration is higher when the paste is applied and it's lower when diffuse to tissues.