hydroxyl group

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the monovalent group -OH in such compounds as bases and some acids and alcohols

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3) The heat of reaction is not dependent on the chain length number of the molecule attached to the hydroxyl group.
We later found that the presence of a hydroxyl group at C-19 seemed to increase the inhibitory potential of the alpha-form hydroxyl group at the C-3 position of ursane-type triterpenoids on the osteoclastogenesis effect (Fig.
Phenolic hydroxyl group of unmodified and biomodified organosolv lignin.
The polymerization process was found to be catalyzed by hydroxyl groups of amine propyltrihydroxylsilane.
Introduction of hydroxyl groups at the position of double bonds of triglycerides opens the whole area of applications.
10), (14-19) It was shown that cycloaliphatic diepoxide can effectively react with either carboxyl or hydroxyl groups to obtain crosslinked latex films.
The effect of the pBQ concentration on the heterogeneous attraction of the hydroxyl group of chitin to the carbonyl group of the pBQ was investigated.
FTIR and XPS and SEM results showed that metal ions of SAO-ED phosphors are coordinated with carboxyl group O atom of hydrolysis product of maleic anhydride and with hydroxyl group O atom, and dense polymer maleic anhydride coated on the surface of SAO-ED phosphors by the bridging O atom.
Ester-cured Phenolic--T his two-part binder uses an alkaline phenolic resin (it contains sodium or potassium ions that have replaced hydrogen on the phenolic hydroxyl group and has a 7.
Polyols, or sugar alcohols, are derived from carbohydrates whose reducing sugar has been reduced to a hydroxyl group (an alcohol group).
The ethyl substitution on the free hydroxyl group of the aegeline had shown the most fat accumulation inhibition from A.
The processes also make it necessary to protect the hydroxyl group in ferulic acid and then eventually remove the group.
PM reacted rapidly with GO and GLA in neutral, aqueous buffer, forming a Schiff base intermediate that cyclized to a hemiaminal adduct by intramolecular reaction with the phenolic hydroxyl group of PM.
Separate chapters list protection for the hydroxyl group, phenols and catechols, the carbonyl group, the carboxyl group, the thiol group, the amino group, and the phosphate group.