hydrostatic head

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the pressure at a given point in a liquid measured in terms of the vertical height of a column of the liquid needed to produce the same pressure

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manufactures a line of sanitary electronic hydrostatic head transmitters that measure the pressure exerted on a pneumatic sensor at the bottom of a tank, then factor in the known specific gravity of the fluid to determine the fluid column height.
The hydrostatic head also pressed the tube firmly against the inside of the existing sewer line.
Cavitation has been proven in the WP-2000 when hydrostatic head regulated at various depths is pumped through various diffusers in the tool.
Tenders are invited for Hydrostatic Head Tester With Accessories
ii) a pair of barrier zones respectively disposed at either longitudinal side of the central zone, between the central zone and the opposing containment member edges, the barrier zones and the containment member edges forming respective upstanding longitudinal barrier cuffs, and wherein the central zone has a greater air flow according to the Air Permeability Test than the barrier zone and the barrier zone has a greater hydrohead according to the Hydrostatic Head Pressure Test than the central zone.
Johnson: "The existing manhole essentially acts as a 'form' for the installation with partially deteriorated structures handling the forces generated by the hydrostatic head and from the static water table and those fully deteriorated structures requiring that the installed technology will withstand all live and dead loads that are acting on the rehabilitated structure.
All joint tests are under axial, shear loaded and deflected conditions at a minimum of 15 feet of hydrostatic head.
Contract awarded for Digital hydrostatic head tester applies to determine the resistance of fabrics to water penetration thus to evaluate the water resistance grade of the certain fabrics or samples.
It also offers hydrostatic head testers, burst testers, moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) testers, tensile and tear testers, melt flow testers and abrasion, pilling, and fuzzing testers.
Coating thickness requirements vary according to the profile of the surface being protected, forces such as hydrostatic head pressure, and the need to structurally rebuild a structure.