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a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients

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It's said that hydroponically grown produce is superior in nutrition and flavor than produce grown in soil.
The site is also a source of information for those interested in organic marijuana grown hydroponically for medicinal purposes.
In general, plants grown hydroponically are healthier and happier plants.
Gotham Greens CEO Viraj Puri recently told Bloomberg news that the hydroponically grown lettuces, arugula and basil planted in the Whole Foods greenhouse are growing at a rate 20 times per unit area, compared with conventional farming.
Buy onions grown in sunny climates -- they will have less water and a greater depth of flavour than those grown hydroponically.
The container houses a high-tech infrastructure that will allow the Grappone Center to grow leafy greens, such as lettuce, kale, spinach, arugula, basil, oregano and sprouts hydroponically.
Friedman said he decided it would be better to use a 40 foot by 8 foot shipping container, instead of a rooftop greenhouse, to "grow leafy greens, vine crops and mushrooms hydroponically in insulated, climate-controlled containers.
O'Brien Family Farms dedicates half an acre to its hydroponically grown, u-pick fruits and vegetables, including strawberries.
HYDROPONICALLY grown house plants are simple to look after.
As the population grows and the available amount of earth shrinks, more plants are being raised hydroponically than ever before.
coli in hydroponically grown spinach samples, but they observed only sporadic, very low levels of bacterial survival in shoot tissue after 28 days.
In Despommier's vertical farms, vegetables and fruits would be grown hydroponically.
But growing fruits and vegetables hydroponically obviates the need for fertilizers and pesticides--let alone soil--altogether.
Twenty-nine mature plants being grown hydroponically were found in one room while there were a further 75 in the other which was being used as a nursery.
Three decades ago, experiments were carried out hydroponically in Sindh using desert sands and gravel materials with the application of modified Hoagland nutrient solution.