hydroplane racing

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racing in high-speed motor boats

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For 57 years, Seafair has existed with community events, parades, the Miss Seafair Scholarship Program for Women, the Navy and Coast Guard, amateur athletics, airplanes and of course, Unlimited Hydroplane Racing and the U.
Hydroplane racing began on the Hudson River in New York in 1904, with winners being awarded a Gold Cup trophy.
We have this training school now for our youngsters and it is a fantastic opportunity for them to race here in full view of the media and all the drivers and officials who are visiting us from the world of hydroplane racing and H1 Unlimited.
With the withdrawal of Budweiser from Unlimited Hydroplane racing, Oberto Sausage Company is the longest running active sponsor in the sport.
Oberto invites race fans everywhere to support the long running sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing and the U-6 Unlimited Hydroplane Fueled by Oh Boy
A River's Roar" showcases the hundred-year history of hydroplane racing in Detroit.
A fixture in Mission Bay since 1964, the 2003 Washington Mutual Thunderboat Regatta promises to attract more than 150,000 spectators and will feature the biggest legends in unlimited hydroplane racing.
In early 1930, after a long winter in Bay City, Mueller decided that outboard hydroplane racing was for her and became a professional driver within the National Outboard Association.
Two legendary thunderboats -- the U-4 Miss Burien and the late Bernie Little's 1967 Miss Budweiser (U-12) -- along with vintage memorabilia will represent Seattle's colorful role in hydroplane racing.
The boat is driven by Scott Pierce, a 17-year veteran of hydroplane racing.
Sports enthusiasts will enjoy watching live hydroplane racing action during the Detroit APBA Gold Cup while interacting directly with other race fans via WorldStream's interactive eCommunication platform.
Barrett's passion for hydroplane racing helped turn Seafair.
Prior to working with the PGA, he held other key sales and marketing positions in the sports industry, including executive director of LMRacing and director of marketing for Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Commission.
Molson also announced its sponsorship of Thunderfest the "Jack Hammer Liquid Oval" on August 9, 10, and 11 in Kelowna - the 9th event on the UHRA World Series Circuit of unlimited Hydroplane racing.