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Prevalence index scores of the herbaceous/ground flora layer generally increased with increasing BHR, indicating a functional shift from hydrophytic plant species at low degrees of incision towards an herbaceous/ground flora layer comprised of plants more typical of upland drier settings.
Those plants that have adapted to growth in water or in soil, which is at least periodically saturated or inundated, are often referred to as hydrophytic plants, or simply hydrophytes (USACOE 1987).
In moist-soil managed wetlands, precisely timed inundation and drawdown regimes promote germination, growth, and seed production of desirable hydrophytic plants (during drawdown), which will eventually provide food and structural substrates for invertebrate colonization (during inundation); both of these are key food resources for migrating and wintering waterfowl.
The FQA metric, mean wetness, assesses whether an area is occupied primarily by hydrophytic plants.