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Floristic collections were made following standard hydrophyte survey methods (e.g., Holmes and Whitton, 1977).
Among hydrophytes seed fragments of Nymphaea alba were most abundant at points JM2 (D 3.2 m; DS 12.7 m), JM3 (D 2.4 m; DS 7.0 m), and JM32 (D 2.0 m; DS 8.0 m), but some were found also in the deepest part of the lake at points JM12 (D 5.5 m; DS 58 m) and JM15 (D 5.5 m; DS 57.5 m) (Fig.
Some hydrophytes survive the dry season as dormant rhizomes, which is the case of Echinodorus spp., Eleocharis spp., Nymphaea spp., Sagittaria spp..
Although the term "Pantanal" refers to a region with essentially hydrophyte vegetation, common in swamps, xerophytic and mesophytic species are also distributed in various landscape units, with floristic composition influenced by phytogeographic provinces of Cerrado, Amazon Rainforest, Semi-deciduous Forest and Chaco (Damasceno-Junior et al., 2005; Oliveira, 2008).
According to Reitz (1977), it is an heliophytic species, a selective hydrophyte to mesophyte, found quite frequently in Araucaria Pine Forests, especially in the humid soil of the moist forest in isolated patches of trees, and in more open areas of the secondary forests.
Responses of loblolly pine (mesophyte) and swamp tupelo (hydrophyte) seedlings to soil flooding and phosphorus.
These include low caducifolious forest, low inundated forest, mangrove, coastal shrubland, inundated grassland, marine grassland, floating and emergent hydrophyte community, and "peten" [CONANP-SEMARNAT 2000].
Carbon-uptake by the submerged hydrophyte Utricularia purpurea.
Low water is favourable for nutrient-demanding hydrophytes such as Lemna gibba and Zannichellia palustris.
East of the bridge for 0.7 km was a pasture without livestock, therefore tall grasses, forbs, and hydrophytes were abundant on this side of the creek.
Larval Pentaneura have been recorded inhabiting a variety of aquatic systems, from ponds and lakes, associated with vascular hydrophytes and detritus, to small streams and large bodies of running water, usually living in erosion and depositional areas (Ferrington et al.
Habit, habitat, origin and geographical distribution of Chilean vascular hydrophytes. Aquat.