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Floristic collections were made following standard hydrophyte survey methods (e.
The protected waterfowl habitats are composed of open water, hydrophyte, helophyte, open grass and mire scrub sub-wetlands in the investigated lake and its riparian zone.
Some hydrophytes survive the dry season as dormant rhizomes, which is the case of Echinodorus spp.
Interestingly, in the arrombados areas, terrestrial species intolerant of prolonged flooding have given way to hydrophytes, which colonise the extensive wetlands permanently.
is the largest genus in the region, and the lowest growth shapes belong to: trophits (47%), Hydrophytes (02%), Halophytes (02%).
However different kinds of Fish, Insects and Turtles, crabs, water beetles, Leeches, Moleskins and other invertebrates, hydrophytes etc are found in abundance.
In addition, there are 39 aquatic macro-phytes including 23 hydrophytes and 16 helophytes (Shrestha and Janauer, 2001).
Plant species that exhibit stem nodulation are typically tropical or subtropical hydrophytes and are found in wetlands, rivers or lake margins.
The wet meadow generally had 20-38 cm of standing water with scattered patches of Typha and open water with hydrophytes.
Influence of hydrophytes abundance on the spatial distribution of zooplankton in selected lakes in Greece.
Giant reed and green reed were found effective counterpart to meet these criteria, both of which were comparable to floating hydrophytes (Zhao et al.