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study of fluids in motion

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Emerging energy technologies, from fuel cells to hydrokinetic power, are being explored in a new yearlong multi-media series.
org editor David Walsh, focused on hydrokinetic power, which taps the natural movement of running rivers, ocean currents, or tidal flows.
PAGE: Your views about potential for alternate energy particularly hydrokinetic energy and solar thermal power in Pakistan.
Hydrokinetic and solar thermal are the two most promising alternate renewable energy solutions that can be used to reduce Pakistan's rising $10 billion annual fuel imports and energy deficits while at the same time preserve the environment by not adding to the hazards of increased carbon gases emissions that are caused by the use of furnace oil and natural gas.
Jones, BIOLASE CEO and president, explained, "This innovative patent expands the intellectual property of our HydroKinetic technology and is an important addition to our overall patent portfolio.
BOSTON & NEW ORLEANS -- Free Flow Power Corporation announced that it has been successfully operating its first full-scale hydrokinetic turbine generator in the Mississippi River since June 20, 2011.
Free Flow Power is pursuing approvals from State and Federal regulators led by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to install arrays of its hydrokinetic turbines at various locations in the Mississippi River that would provide enough power to represent a viable alternative to conventional power plants.
Hydrokinetics studies how kinetic energy is generated by the natural movement of water--surface waves, tidal currents, and rivers, streams, and ocean currents--and how to convert that energy to electricity.
Hydrokinetics is a rapidly developing field where both big companies and startups can compete equally in engineering and design.
He said there is interest in whether Girdwood, an outlying community of Anchorage, might benefit from an energy research and discovery center, because of its proximity to a steep valley for hydropower and to Cook Inlet's tidal range for hydrokinetic power generation.
Monty Worthington, Alaska project manager at the Anchorage Office of Ocean Renewable Power, has been working on a hydrokinetic power-generation project in which there is no dependency on dams or pipes, and costs are far less than expected.
Key elements of this sales plan include courses and seminars where dentists experienced with the Millennium demonstrate on patients the clinical benefits of Hydrokinetic technology for hard and soft tissue procedures without using needles or a drill.
aggressive in pursuing hydrokinetic energy as an addition to their
energy, and all hydrokinetic energy (including tidal), vary.