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relating to fluids in motion or the forces that produce or affect such motion


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Jones, BIOLASE CEO and president, explained, "This innovative patent expands the intellectual property of our HydroKinetic technology and is an important addition to our overall patent portfolio.
org editor David Walsh, focused on hydrokinetic power, which taps the natural movement of running rivers, ocean currents, or tidal flows.
Renewable Energy Alaska Project Forum: The Power of Water- Tidal and Hydrokinetic Energy in Alaska November 14, 6 p.
completes construction of WaterHelix hydrokinetic power head(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
At Free Flow Power, Lovelace led the development of a hydrokinetic turbine system that was successfully deployed on the Mississippi River to generate electricity from the river currents.
Tenders are invited for Testing and validation services in respect of power generation via hydrokinetic turbine.
According to Pike Research's January 2012 report, Hydrokinetic and Ocean Energy Renewable Power Generation, the U.
Alan Baldivieso, program manager of the Alaska Energy Authority's Geothermal, Hydrokinetic and Emerging Energy Technologies effort, speaks to the scope of the state's geothermal zones and current projects afoot.
In many ways marine and hydrokinetic power systems offer one of the most promising areas for renewable energy development.
The Department of Energy is thrilled with the successful completion of the Wave Energy Prize, said Alison LaBonte, Marine and Hydrokinetic Program Manager in the Water Power Technologies Office Four teams wave energy converter technologies surpassed our threshold goal of doubling the energy capture from ocean waves over the 2014 state-of-the-art.
She has contributed significantly to UNC reports assessing the feasibility of offshore wind and marine hydrokinetic energy development along the NC continental shelf.
Renewable Energy Alaska Project Forum: The Power of Water-Tidal and Hydrokinetic Energy in Alaska
Specifically included are those energy technologies that qualify under Sections 45 and 48 of the tax code, including wind, dosed and open loop biomass, geothermal solar, municipal solid waste, hydropower, marine and hydrokinetic, fuel, cells, and combined heat and power.
Frank Bursic, Mid Atlantic Regional Director, Rentricity, to speak about hydrokinetic energy recovery; and