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the science of the measurement and description and mapping of the surface waters of the earth with special reference to navigation

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Point Heyer Artificial Reef (PHAR) is a high-relief, insular reef located along the eastern shore of Vashon Island in the hydrographically defined "main basin" (Ebbesmeyer et al.
"There are places," outgoing chief of staff John Kelly recently conceded, "where hydrographically, geologically, a wall would not be realistic." Sen.
Meddy 1 was tracked with floats for two years, and surveyed hydrographically four times.
In these highly variable areas, therefore, larger larval size at hatching and larger yolk reserves may be even more important than in other less hydrographically variable areas and seasons.
Reyes set the GF apart as a hydrographically unique location along the northern California coast (Steger et al., 2000; Largier et al., 2006).
An attempt to restore bay scallop populations by transplanting adult bay scallops into a depleted water basin revealed that this species is recruitment-limited and that populations in hydrographically separate basins are largely reproductively isolated from each other (Peterson et al.
Comparative ecology and population dynamics of larval fishes and zooplankton in two hydrographically different areas on the Maine coast.