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combine or treat with or expose to hydrogen

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It has six hydrogenators which can produce up to 9.
Hydrogenation reactions were accomplished with a Parr hydrogenator utilizing 2 atm pressure of hydrogen gas and catalyzed by 10% palladium supported on carbon.
The hydrogenation suite - which is fully integrated into the Sigma-Aldrich cGMP operations - houses two Buchi hydrogenators (2 and 20 liters) and a 400-liter Biazzi hydrogenator, offering the following features:
The DOJ took note of the hydrogenator seized by the authorities as a 'crucial equipment for making shabu.
During the raid, aside from shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) and chemicals for making shabu, the NBI also seized tools for making shabu such as cauldrons, vacuum pump, cooling system units, convection stoves, hydrogenator.