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Synonyms for dressing

Synonyms for dressing

a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables

making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure

processes in the conversion of rough hides into leather

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the activity of getting dressed

the act of applying a bandage

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One randomized, controlled trial found that hydrocolloid dressings are superior to traditional gauze and paper dressings in preventing the excretion of aerosolized VZV DNA from skin lesions of patients with localized herpes zoster.
Treatment of chronic wound with hydrocolloid dressing significantly improved patient condition.
Conclusion: There is no difference in the rate of infection when using a gauze dressing or a hydrocolloid dressing after clean surgical procedure.
At first, hydrocolloid dressing was derived from the stoma adhesive products but later on was tailored for wound care.
Fibrin cuff lysis in chronic venous ulcers treated with a hydrocolloid dressing.
When removing the hydrocolloid dressing, the number of bacteria after one minute was approximately one-fifth the amount observed for gauze, declining to 112 bacteria/80 liters of air after 20 minutes.
Limited Tenders are invited for Dressing Wound Care Occlusive And Hydrocolloid Dressing With Flexible Foam Padding Of Optimum Healing 20Cm X 20Cm (Box Of 3)
Management of radiation-induced moist desquamation using hydrocolloid dressing.
Contract Awarded for Supply of 350 Boxes, Wound dressing, triple hydrocolloid dressing thin with gelatin and sodium, 5x20cm, (Box/10).
Additionally, the transaction includes a hydrocolloid dressing that should further enhance the Company's offerings in the $11.
5mm- Cuffed,Soft Endotracheal tube with murphy%s eye 7 mm- Cuffed,Neonatal urine collecting bag- adhesive type,Transparent semi permeable dressing frame style for neonates without pad 10cm x 12 cmmade,Transparent semi permeable dressing frame style,Tulle gras-antibiotic impregnated non stick I piece per pack(Per Box - 10 Nos),Duo Derm Thin Patch Hydrocolloid Dressing 3.
A new medical adhesive formulation from Avery Dennison Medical Solutions provides manufacturers of temporary adherent medical devices with improved performance over conventional acrylic adhesives and nibber-based hydrocolloid dressings.
A medical adhesive formulation provides manufacturers of temporary adherent medical devices with improved performance over conventional acrylic adhesives and rubber-based hydrocolloid dressings.