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a substance that forms a gel with water

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High cost is often pointed out as an argument against the application of hydrocolloid dressings.
Current American Dental Association infection control guidelines recommend immersion disinfection of irreversible hydrocolloid impressions.
Keeping in view the production and prospects of buffalo milk, consumers' demand for low fat cheese and functionality of hydrocolloid gums, the study was aimed to assess the impact of gums on functional, textural and sensory properties of buffalo milk cheddar cheese.
It is majorly driven by growing application of seaweeds for medicinal purposes as well as their use in the extraction of hydrocolloids.
Hydrocolloids and emulsifiers are major two types of substances which are mostly used in baking units.
Milk dessert without any hydrocolloid was considered as control sample.
In group A simple gauze dressing was applied after clean surgical procedures while in group B hydrocolloid dressing was used.
Add-Here 3200 is a proprietary line of hydrocolloids that replaces the texture and binding qualities needed but with significantly less sugar.
Ostomy, foams, nonwovens and an extensive range of specially developed hydrocolloids, combined with proven adhesive technologies that provide excellent seal and securement; and
7) It is recommended that irreversible hydrocolloid impressions be poured immediately or within a few minutes of removal from the mouth to prevent distortion.
One dressing that can be used for postoperative hip and knee wounds is the hydrocolloid dressing (Thomas 2008).
The concentration of hydrocolloid has not a big influence on the flow index amount.
Acacia gum is an all-natural hydrocolloid used in many food applications for its technical functionalities (emulsifier, mouth-feel enhancer, film-former .
CHINA: CP Kelco has completed construction of a hydrocolloid facility in Taixing, China.