hydraulic press

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press in which a force applied by a piston to a small area is transmitted through water to another piston having a large area

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Product Sub-Category : Hydraulic press machine (60 ton) with generation o
After putting rock into a furnace to make it a fiery, molten substance, channel host Lauri Vuohensilta places it underneath his hydraulic press.
At the start of the video, Vuohensilta boasts that his wife thinks that his Hydraulic Press Crusher would be wrecked with the metal container.
For optimization of four-column hydraulic press were considered only two mostly used designs of crossbeams.
The new system from Schuler--a blank loader, a 2,000-metric ton hydraulic press, three 1,000-ton presses, and material-handling automation-allows die set and tooling changes in less than five minutes.
Two tenders requesting international offers via accredited agents enrolled on the company's foreign suppliers' register to supply (a) three eccentric presses of 6 tons capacity, other two eccentric presses of 250 tons capacity and one horizontal press of 250 tons capacity, also (b) two hydraulic presses of 25 tons capacity each, other two hydraulic presses of 100 tons capacity each and one hydraulic press of 160 tons capacity.
Police found six large bags containing drugs worth up to pounds 32,000, a hydraulic press and pounds 2,500 in cash when they raided John Blackburn's home.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-2 May 2007-Result Press AB receives hydraulic press order from Scania(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
At least five people were injured in the explosion of a hydraulic press and two were hospitalised with serious injuries, officials said.
Broaches are the push-type and can be used with any hand-operate arbor press or hydraulic press with adequate throat opening.
The slabs are shaped and the surface textured by a hydraulic press which operates to a pressure of 200 to 500Kg/[m.
Contract award notice: Development of locksmith company jaromr cignek - purchase of hydraulic press brake.
A cost-effective, standard hydraulic press product line for molding rubber and silicone components for a broad range of industries is available from this custom hydraulic press manufacturer.
To produce the wheel blanks, Kawasaki installed a stamping press line that employs a hydraulic press from AP&T (Monroe, NC) and coil handling equipment from Coe press Equipment (Sterling Heights, MI).
The new high speed hydraulic press is capable of producing large, high quality bulletproof molded plates.