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brake system in which a brake pedal moves a piston in the master cylinder

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In [2] the durability of hydraulic brake hoses was numerically investigated.
Establishing mentality of the dynamic work model of the automotive hydraulic brake system
As illustrated in Figure 1, a complete RBS is generally composed of motor brake subsystem, hydraulic brake subsystem, brake control unit (BCU), vehicle control unit (VCU) and CAN network, but individual diversities merely exist in hydraulic brake configuration.
There are just a few wire connections, which don't require you to involve the truck's hydraulic brake lines in any way.
Hamilton's car suffered a rear-brake failure, later traced to the hydraulic brake line connecting to the right-rear calliper.
The crooks got away with hydraulic brake units from four mini excavator diggers during the break-in, which happened at Northumberland Dock Road, in North Shields, sometime between March 27 and May 8.
The NAS 1613 specification covers etastomeric seals used in phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, which are widely used in aircraft for hydraulically boosted primary and secondary flight controls and hydraulic brake systems.
The Electronic Differential Lock, Hydraulic Brake Assist and Anti-Spin Regulator further add to the Touareg's driving systems.
Hitachi Cable Florida focuses on hydraulic brake hose assemblies for automotive usage.
All versions feature four airbags, ABS, ESP and hydraulic brake assist.
Carlisle's brake line also includes a range of hydraulic disc brakes for service and park brake applications, mechanical park brakes, full circle brakes, motor brakes, hydraulic brake valves and hydraulic/electric trailer brake actuators.
He then filled the cables connecting the wagons to the crane - usually full of hydraulic brake fluid - with ball bearings, giving the impression to an onlooker that everything was above board.
the manufacturer of the hydraulic brake systems, claims that the technology will cut the buses' fuel consumption by more than 30 percent, while reducing emissions between 20 and 70 percent.
Juan, a Spanish company which has been supplying control cables, throttles, clutches, speedometers, brakes, starters and hydraulic brake hoses for the automotive and motorcycle industries for over 40 years.