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the process of combining with water

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The effectiveness of hydration for good vocal production is described as one of the important factors in reducing vocal complaints and, consequently, in improving vocal production [14,16].
While they performed their study on rats, they believe their findings will have implications for humans as well, as hyaluronic acid has been previously shown in multiple studies to increase skin hydration.
It was emphasized that clinicians should evaluate the hydration status and the oral intake of the patient.
While obsidian from a variety of sources (Figure 1) is well represented as tools and debris in archaeological assemblages throughout Mendoza Province, Argentina, obsidian hydration dating has not been previously employed.
Gonzales, who was originally slated to face Hexi Getu in the preliminaries hit the maximum weight allowed for strawweight at 56.7 kilograms but he tallied a 1.0252 in his hydration levels, .0002 units more than the allowed mark.
[ClickPress, Fri Jul 26 2019] Recently, MRRSE has added a new report on the global hydration containers market to its repository.
"While under normal conditions, adults can satisfy their water needs with the sensation of thirst, this is not the case in young children and the elderly when thirst comes late, and they are dependent upon others for their hydration needs," Dr.
At NAMED we believe a nutritional food menu along with hydration and exercise are critical in treating mental illness, substance abuse, and other illnesses."
"After a major shakeout, housewares buyers are responding to the Hydration market in a very positive way, " says Aji Das, President of OGGI Corp.
As it turns out, though, there are hidden dangers to this most innocuous of activities - the spectre of "water intoxication", hydration's potential sting in the tail.
As Johanna Hignett, an advisor to the Natural Hydration Council, explains: "You would need to drink extremely large quantities, in the order of five litres or more within an hour" to be at risk of hyponatremia.
Summary: Los Angeles [United States], January 7 (ANI): At the ongoing CES 2019, L'Oreal showcased a new wearable technology that measures the skin hydration level.
New research suggests that insufficient sleep may cause dehydration by disrupting the release of a hormone that is key to regulating hydration.