hydrated lime

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a caustic substance produced by heating limestone

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The use of hydrated lime in football pitch markings was phased out by the Football Association from 1995.
As soon as you see the first flower buds emerging it is worth applying 2ozs of hydrated lime to two gallons of water in a watering can and applying this solution to 10ft of bean row.
Facilities are designed to store and feed hydrated lime and sodium bicarbonate.
Much less product used -- approximately twice the neutralisation power, on a weight for weight basis, of caustic soda and hydrated lime.
Hydrated lime is also employed as a barrier to prevent flies and other insects from infecting natural substrates, such as wood.
announced approval for construction of a calcium hydroxide facility to manufacture the company's high reactivity hydrated Lime (HRHJ at its Verona, Ky.
Seventeen people had to go to Warrington Hospital yesterday to be treated after coming into contact with calcium hydroxide - or hydrated lime - at Keppel Seghers on Percival Lane.
Breen Energy Solutions, a Pennsylvania-based Limited Liability Corporation providing combustion and emissions control consulting services for the utility industry, has been chosen to test the effectiveness of injecting hydrated lime for the control and removal of SO3 in flue gas by a leading electrical generation company.
Armed with a vile recipe created at Cornell University's plantations division in Ithaca, New York, state landscapers slather roadside trees with a harmless but hideous coating aptly named the "Ugly Mix" (containing, among other things, hydrated lime and food coloring).
When subjecting the wastewater to two treatments of hydrated lime and ferric chloride before the filtration step, the removal rate was found to increase less than 1 percent.
produces cement and related products, including Portland gray cement and hydrated lime, concrete, multiwall paper bags, polypropylene bags and engages in realty operations.
Contract notice: Delivery of hydrated lime for enea production sp.