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containing combined water (especially water of crystallization as in a hydrate)

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Always keep hydrated by bringing your tumbler or flask.
If you're hydrated, your kidneys and your entire digestive system work better.
Beauty writer Zoe: 'My skin didn't feel hydrated, but it did make my pores look smaller.
Experts say staying hydrated contributes not only to the support of physical functions but it also helps a child's brain retain its normal functions like alertness, concentration and attention.
Mercer Lime Co., with operations in Branchton, Pa., has a long history of producing high-quality hydrated lime to a variety of markets including chemical and industrial, water treatment and various environmental applications.
Past studies have shown that supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) that contain alumina ([Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]) are more effective at mitigating ASR than SCMs purely rich in silica (Si[O.sub.2]), they say, citing their research on pure hydrated alumina, Al[(OH).sub.3] as a cement replacement to isolate its role in ASR mitigation.
Ages ago I delved into the recommendation that to stay hydrated we had to drink eight glasses of water a day.
It is therefore essential to keep your body hydrated in order to function properly.
Is club soda as healthy as drinking regular water when it comes to staying hydrated?
Specifically, the present invention provides a rubber composition comprising a rubber composition and hydrated silica, wherein "CTAB" ([m.sup.2]/g) as specific surface area by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide adsorption and "IB" as ink bottle-shaped micropore index, of the hydrated silica, satisfy a specific relationship and "weight loss on ignition" (mass %) as weight loss when the hydrate silicate is heated at 750[degrees]C for three hours and "weight loss on heating" (mass %) as weight loss when the hydrate silicate is heated at 105[degrees]C for two hours satisfy a specific relationship.
The experiments showed that natural gas in hydrated condition under the intense mechanical actions subjected to the previously unknown chemical conversions--formation of hydrocarbons with the longer carbon chain than the chain of the hydrating agents.
With the temperature soaring up to 50 degree Centigrade in some parts of the UAE, it would be wise for those fasting to keep themselves well hydrated.
[19], permeability of hydrated sediments is altered by both the degree of hydrate saturation and the pore scale hydrate distribution.
Collin Resultime Dehydrated Skin Intensive Concentrate pounds 33.50 This provides skin with instant comfort and leaves it smooth and hydrated. It contains an ingredient called pheohydrane that attracts water and holds it in skin cells for longer.
"I have this thing that tests how hydrated you are, which I used that for the match, and I was very hydrated, even though I'd drunk nothing the last couple of sets," he said.