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any compound that contains water of crystallization

supply water or liquid to in order to maintain a healthy balance

become hydrated and combine with water

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Over the years, conventional thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors have made way for low dosage hydrate inhibitors as the application of latter has led to the reduction of capital expenditure through the reduction of the storage size and pumping and piping facilities.
Without data from a long-term production test, private sector partners are collaborating with government agencies to understand the economics of gas production from gas hydrate deposits.
Japan, which imports nearly all of its energy sources, has been aiming to launch private sector commercial production of methane hydrates by between 2023 to 2027, but the goal will still be a challenge as many obstacles remain to be solved, officials at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) said.
The above research has properly promoted the development of gas production from hydrate deposits; however, most of previous numerical studies assume homogeneous reservoirs with a single layer due to absence of substantial geological structure and field test data, resulting in inaccurate estimation of gas productivity and reservoir characteristics.
The main factor that restricts the rate of hydration separation is that the induction time of hydration nucleation is longer, so it is necessary to carry out the research on shortening the hydrate induction time.
We depicted that when gas hydrates are part host sediments they will intensively affect seismic and elastic properties response.
So when I heard about the beverage hydration index, I wanted to know if other drinks could hydrate you as efficiently as I believe.
Thus the ethane enrichment observed in recovered cores containing hydrates in the Southern Caspian Basin may be an artefact of initial hydrate under changing pressure and temperature conditions after hydrate initiation - or both.
Copper II citrate 2.5 hydrate is also known as copper citrate hemitrihydrate powder.
* Exfo Cream ($33, women; $28, men) is an exfoliating cream formulated with apricot seed extract, ginger, and a hint of primula (botanical herb) to hydrate skin and stimulate cell renewal.
Specifically, the present invention provides a rubber composition comprising a rubber composition and hydrated silica, wherein "CTAB" ([m.sup.2]/g) as specific surface area by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide adsorption and "IB" as ink bottle-shaped micropore index, of the hydrated silica, satisfy a specific relationship and "weight loss on ignition" (mass %) as weight loss when the hydrate silicate is heated at 750[degrees]C for three hours and "weight loss on heating" (mass %) as weight loss when the hydrate silicate is heated at 105[degrees]C for two hours satisfy a specific relationship.
Operating pipelines at high pressure and low temperature can lead to natural gas hydrate formation, even with modest water content.
Fision Hydrate is a solution containing specific ingredients targeting long-lasting hydration and overall skin wellness.
TOKYO, Dec 25 (KUNA) -- Japan's Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) announced Thursday it has successfully extracted samples of methane hydrate from the seabed of the Sea of Japan.