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inflammation and swelling of a movable joint because of excess synovial fluid

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The principal complications concern the joints, with arthralgia, arthritis, hydrarthrosis and haemarthrosis, which may occur symmetrically in the major joints and in the small joints of the hands and feet.
Bog Spavin or Tarsal hydrarthrosis or Tarsocrural effusions is a distension of the joint capsule of the tibial articulation as the result of a chronic synovitis.
At presentation at our institution (1 week after the onset of pain), his left knee pain and hydrarthrosis had become too severe to continue playing baseball well.
In the manifestation of Hoffa's disease, pain and swelling increasing with overload or the movement of the knee in the infrapatellar or retropatellar tendon region, functional impairment imitating ligament injury, massive effusion or recurrent hydrarthrosis episodes, joint weakness, and subpatellar discomfort are observed (3).