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Clinical symptoms, such as flank pain, fever, hematuria, abdominal pain, and weight loss, are non-specific, except gross hydatiduria. Hydatiduria is a pathognomonic sign for the disease and seen in 28%-29% of patients (6, 7).
An unusual cause of renal colic: hydatiduria. Int J Urol 2001;8:319-21.
Urine tests did not reveal any signs of hydatiduria. Tumor markers as CEA, CA19-9, and AFP were all within normal limits, as well.
Hydatiduria is a pathognomonic sign due to rupture of the cyst into the collecting system.
Cyst rupture into collecting ducts causing acute renal colic and hydatiduria which is pathognomonic, though seen only in 10-20% of renal hydatidosis and usually microscopic.
She had a history of intermittent passage of small, white, grape-sized, balloon-like structures in the urine (hydatiduria) for last two months.
Hydatiduria accompanies only 10-20% of all cases of renal hydatidosis and is usually microscopic.