hydatid disease

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infestation with larval echinococci (tapeworms)

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* To study the various clinical presentations of hydatid disease of liver.
[7] Larger SAL has been considered a complication of different benign and malignant diseases of the liver and of the bile ducts, [7] including hydatid disease, cholangiocarcinoma, alcoholic cirrhosis, chronic active hepatitis with cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, cryptogenic cirrhosis, pyogenic cholangitis, sclerosing cholangitis, and acute hepatic failure.
Primary renal hydatid disease is very rare, mostly solitary, and unilateral.
Echinococcus and hydatid disease. Wallingford, UK: CAB International; 1995.
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on the percutaneous treatment of splenic hydatid disease using polidocanol (8,9).
Cystic hydatid disease usually affects the liver (50-70%) and less frequently the lung, the spleen, the kidney, the bones, and the brain.6 Clinical presentation is the result of pressure generated by the cyst on adjacent structures, and depends largely on the size and anatomic location of the cyst.
Radiological manifestations of hydatid disease and its complications.
Identification of transmission foci of hydatid disease in California.
In the general literature, arterial hypertension caused by hydatid disease has been reported only in few cases in which the cysts were located in the adrenal glands.
Papanikolaou, "Osseous hydatid disease," Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, vol.
Hydatid disease may be caused when the tapeworm Echinococcus goes through its metacestode stage to form larvae.
Hydatid disease is frequently encountered in the sheep and cattle-raising regions of the world, being most common in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, and the Mediterranean countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa [1].
Bozbora, "Primary hydatid disease in the adrenal gland: a case report," Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol.