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overbearing pride or presumption

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trajectory," said Ariel LE-di, CEO, hybris and Carsten Thoma, president and
The company said that as part of the integrated offering, Adobe WEM and its new Adobe CQ 5.5 software will provide storefront content delivery capabilities, search and navigational elements, as well as checkout pages, product detail and imagery powered by hybris commerce functionality.
Hybris was not one of those high-toned words reserved for tragedies and other formal occasions.
Harding (author); INTRODUCTIONS; Hybris Think Tank (Fiction: Christian) $24.95 ISBN: 9780984266302
A crucial thesis of the book is the identification of the hybris of wanton violence in many of the biblical stories that follow the story of the flood, such as the story of Babel.
hybris, a vendor of multi-channel commerce and communication software, today announced the impending launch of the QuickLive Lifetime e-Commerce platform, which is available on both a purchased software and a Software-as-a-Service basis.
Hybris have announced that retailers in Europe and worldwide will now be able to benefit from hybris QuickLive, the eCommerce platform developed in the UK for small-to-medium sized retailers with its Gold Partner, Portaltech.