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breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties

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Just as with a Southern blot, we can prehybridize our sample with short nonspecific nucleic acid "blocking agents." These coat over and mask off the repetitive genomic sections, which have a tendency to hybridize to anything, but are readily displaced from our actual cognate target sequences by the much higher degree of sequence complementarity of the specific probes.
You can also hybridize with a dedicated outdoor air system that includes an energy recovery wheel, suggests Marc Sorge, a product sales manager for Greenheck Fan Corporation, a supplier of HVAC solutions.
The use of 2 TagMan probes labeled with 2 different reporter dyes in a single PCR for qualitative purposes such as allelic discrimination is well established, in which each allele-specific probe hybridizes only to an allele-specific amplicon but not the nonallelic amplicon (21).
Manual microarray hybridization remains a viable segment, however tedious washing protocols and inconsistent results has led to a demand for automated systems that clean and rinse the slides, hybridize a variety of samples in one run and produce more uniform results.
Therefore, the easiest way to determine where the alkaline phosphatase gene is being expressed, if at all, is by attempting to hybridize to the gene itself a fluorescent probe that can be seen with a UV microscope.
But because the former now flowers a month sooner than the latter, they are less likely to hybridize in the future.
Higher percentages of species considered to hybridize were seen in non-angiosperms, including 49% among fern allies, 42% am ong ferns, and 43% among gymnosperms.
Under the previous four-factor test, there was uncertainty when a single-member entity (SME) wanted to hybridize. While it was possible to have a single-shareholder corporation under the old rules, it was unclear whether a SME could become a passthrough entity; partnerships must have at least two members and, under the old rules, the only real alternative to corporate status was partnership status.
Because they appear to hybridize, and are virtually impossible to tell apart, some botanists consider them all to be members of the same species.
A unique primer set is designed for each target, which will hybridize to a complementary discrete test region (DTR) on the Randox proprietary biochip array.
Lane County Dahlia Society - "Harvesting dahlia seed for propagation" will be the topic at Thursday's meeting at the Campbell Center, 155 High St.; a DVD on how to hybridize dahlias will be viewed featuring local dahlia-growing veteran Wayne Shantz; a question-and-answer discussion by local growers Sonia Hall and Shantz will follow; "show and tell" starring favorite dahlia blooms brought in by members; refreshments and door prizes; 541-344-0970 or 541-461-8004.
I have over two hundred different billbergias species and hybrids and am continuously trying to hybridize and make better looking cultivars.
Haines and Hinterding thus juxtapose and hybridize two versions of the sublime--the longstanding pictorial tradition of the awe-inspiring landscape and the more recent notion of the technological sublime.