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The key value offering of a Hybrid Control System is a viable alternative to traditional DCS solutions and with that, a lower TCO.
According to ISE, the ThunderVolt diesel hybrid system combines Siemens' ELFA electric drive system with Cummins' heavy-duty ISB 260H engine, which is integrated and controlled by the ISE ThunderCan hybrid control system.
A separation principle for hybrid control system design.
By combining NI LabVIEW Real-Time software and NI Compact FieldPoint industrial measurement and control hardware, the team innovatively used virtual instrumentation to design, test and operate its hybrid control system in a re-engineered Ford Explorer.
The team used an innovative virtual instrumentation approach by combining NI LabVIEW Real-Time software and Compact FieldPoint industrial measurement and control hardware to simulate, design, test and implement their hybrid control system in a re-engineered 2002 Ford Explorer.
The Sentience research vehicle, developed by Ricardo and UK-based research partners, demonstrated that fuel savings of between 5 and 24 percent are possible at modest cost by integrating these modules with the car's hybrid control system.
PlantScape(R), the True Hybrid Control System, which delivers the
The consortium presented the best technical solution based on the PlantScape Hybrid Control System and Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) as the remote control units.
PlantScape, featuring the Honeywell hybrid controller, is the only hybrid control system that integrates continuous, batch and discrete/machine control in one cost-effective, open, scalable solution.
A true hybrid control system PlantScape combines the integrated architecture and rich functionality of distributed control systems with the affordability and scalability of PC/PLC systems.