hyaloid membrane

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the transparent membrane enveloping the vitreous humor of the eye and separating it from the retina


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(a) For the ILM peeling (P) group, initial removal of posterior hyaloid membrane and ERM was performed using intraocular forceps with assistance of triamcinolone injection for better visualization.
Anterior chamber maintainer usage might help maintain a steady IOP and anterior hyaloid membrane during surgery, thus reducing the risk of corneal endothelium impairment, vitreous loss, and lens matter dropping into the posterior segment.
Sometimes, the vitreous face can be detected as the posterior hyaloid membrane detaches from the retina and is seen as a faint line above the retina (see Figure 7).
The posterior hyaloid membrane and the vitreous strand, which is possibly a remnant of the Cloquet's canal, are attached to the site with the pit [5-8].
Vitrectomy for diabetic macular edema associated with a thickened and taut posterior hyaloid membrane. Am J Ophthalmol.
Preservative-free TA (MaQaid, Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd, Tokyo, Japan) was suspended in 4mL balanced salt solution and injected intravitreally during vitrectomy to make the posterior hyaloid membrane more visible.