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Synonyms for hyalinisation

the state of being hyaline or having become hyaline

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In experimental group B, 2(20%) animals had arteriolar hyalinisation of score 1, while score 2 was revealed in 8(80%) animals.
Juxta epithelial hyalinisation was evident in many areas in the connective tissue stroma(Fig 4).
(9) In this chromosomal abnormality (most typically with an XXY, 47 chromosome), whose incidence is approximately 1 in 500 newborns, the basic defect is hyalinisation of the testicular seminal tubules and defective Leydig cells, resulting in total azoospermia, testosterone deficiency and consequent eunuchoid features: tall, wide hips, female escutchion, gynaecomastia, and small testes.
The histology of gynaecomastia shows ductal hyperplasia with increased subareolar fat in the early stages, but periductal fibrous replacement and stromal hyalinisation in chronic cases (Fig.
The parameters influencing clinical grading are- amount of mouth opening, degree of fibrosis and the site of the lesion, while histological grading is based on the degree of hyalinisation and collagen bundles thickness and arrangement.
Areas of myxoid changes, mononuclear inflammatory cells infiltration and vascular hyalinisation were seen (Figure-2).
It is defined as "a rare tumour of follicular cell origin with a trabecular pattern of growth and marked intra-trabecular hyalinisation".